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Oli Oli in Dubai is an entertaining and fun-packed destination made for families and children to come together and bond. If you are looking for a safe and engaging space to keep your kids entertained while you are busy then Oli Oli Dubai is the best place to go. A famous attraction in Dubai, Oli Oli invites people of all age groups, be it kids or adults. From family activities to educational and recreational spaces as well as interactive games for the children, Oli Oli Dubai has something to offer to everyone. The various learning exhibits inside are designed to challenge the minds of young talents, to provide a space where they can learn, grow, wander and discover new things. It aims to foster the power of creativity and imagination among children through eight interactive galleries such as the Air Gallery, Future Park and Creative Lab.

The winner of the Best Kids’ Edutainment Centre (2018), Oli Oli Dubai combines learning with fun through hands-on activities in the Children’s museum. The place organises amazing birthday activities in addition to conducting field trips for the students along with interactive workshops and events. A place full of endless possibilities, it is meant for families to grow and learn together.

Health And Safety Regulation At Oli Oli Dubai

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  • Reduced Indoor Capacity: Spread over 30,000 sq. ft. of area and across 2 floors, Oli Oli Dubai is aiming to temporarily reduce its capacity below the statutory guidelines in order to implement social distancing guidelines efficiently.
  • Mandatory Online Booking: Booking your time slot online, in-advance is mandatory at Oli Oli Dubai. It helps the staff to manage the capacity easily and avoid overcrowding at the place.
  • Enhanced Disinfection: All exhibits at Oli Oli Dubai are cleaned every 2 hours in a day and all consumables are disinfected every hour. This ensures that the space is safe for the children and adults. Touch-free sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout the museum. Disinfection procedures are in place for the toilets and cafe as well.
  • Temperature Checks: Temperature Checks are conducted for the staff twice a day. Also, protective gear is provided to them for everyone’s safety.

Where To Dine In Oli Oli Dubai

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La Petite Treehouse Cafe is the exclusive eatery of Oli Oli Dubai. Offering delicious meals as well as nutritious snacks for the children and adults, the Cafe is a great spot to sit back and relax. Children can grab a snack bar or indulge in other healthy meals when they get hungry from all the fun at Oli Oli. Adults can grab a cup of coppe whilst they wait for them. The Cafe has a multitude of options to choose from with the options of vegetarian and vegan meals as well. However, visitors are requested to not take eateries into the galleries. Also, be mindful of bringing nuts to Oli Oli as some children may be allergic.
There are many other places to visit near Oli Oli where you can hangout.

Galleries At Oli Oli Dubai

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Air Gallery

For children who are fascinated by airways or dream of becoming a pilot, the Air Gallery at Oli Oli offers various activities. They can build aeroplanes, rockets or hovercrafts in the air section and learn about the science of air around us. They can visit the Hurricane Booth in the Air Gallery and experience the pressure of extreme winds. It will be an extremely fun activity loaded with knowledge on various topics like air, gravity, winds and fiction.

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Toshil's Nest

A colourful weave of threads, the Toshi’s nets is the ultimate place for children to have fun and share their joy with others. The giant space is filled with colourful nets in an informal manner. Children can climb through nets, dodge the obstacles and learn to assess the risks involved with every move. It will help them discover new things, simulate their curiosity and present a chance to make many new friends

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Water Gallery

Kids can splash their way into the water and beat the heat in the Water Gallery, a popular section at Oli Oli. With over 10 exhibits including ball canon, vortex, rain and weirs, children can enjoy their time in the water and at the same time, analyse the theories of engineering and physics. The water gallery is the perfect combination of fun water activities and a box full of knowledge for the kids.

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Future Park

A place full of endless possibilities, wonder and imagination, the Future Park is the place where one can make or unmake anything they want to. Your children can witness the world of the future by putting their creativity to practise and creating a world they wouldn want to live in. You can imagine almost anything here. Through team efforts and bonding, children formulate their own idea of tomorrow, in turn fostering brotherhood and making incredible friends.

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Enter the world of circles and spheres at the Incredi-balls Gallery. In the ball-dimension, children can indulge in a variety of exciting activities like creating their own passage from pipes and wooden structures for an ‘incredible balls run’. This will develop their creative imagination and cover educational topics such as Laws of Motion. Forces and Collaboration with others. They will be able to use their imagination to create endless scenarios to set the ball in motion.

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Cars And Ramps

Oli Oli Dubai knows that children love to play with cars. Hence, in the Cars and Ramps section, kids can design and construct their own vehicles while at the same time test their speed through races and jumps. Children can even help each other during the making of their cars but while racing, it can get super competitive among these young champs. Through such engaging and playful activities, they can test the laws of mass and motion, foster their design thinking and experiment through hands-on making.

FAQs Of Oli Oli Dubai

What is so special about Oli Oli Dubai?

    Dubai is home to amazing entertainment destinations for the kids. Oli Oli Dubai is a famous and reputed attraction that specially caters to the needs of children. It not only has fun activities for the children but also conducts field trips and educational programmes to make learning fun for them. The 8 different interactive zones and more than 40 activities at the place follow an interesting approach of hands-on experience to engage the students. Once your kids visit, they would not want to leave the place.

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