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To manage capacity in a seamless manner and ensure a safe tour at Oli Oli, online booking has been made compulsory by the managerial authorities. The guests are required to book their tickets online prior to arrival. Booking Oli Oli Dubai tickets online allows for getting specific time slots as per your convenience. Not only would it ensure a safe tour for you and your child but also the process of booking Oli Oli Dubai tickets is easy and hassle-free. With your Oli Oli Dubai tickets, you get a smooth access to some of the most creative galleries present in this playhouse. Spread across 2 floors there are 8 galleries which enhances the creativity of the kids. Enjoy Water Galleries, Air Galleries, Car and Ramps, and many more such activities as you book your Oli Oli Dubai tickets with us.

2 Hour Oli Oli Museum Admission Tickets (1 Adult with 1 Child)
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2 Hour Oli Oli Museum Admission Tickets 1 Adult With 1 Child
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  • Explore OliOli, an innovative play museum built to unite families through interactive, engaging, and educational experiences

  • Spark your children's creativity as they wander through the museum's eight captivating galleries spread across two floors

  • Marvel at unique creations on display, thoughtfully curated by a team of 35 artists, educators, and developmental psychologists

  • Treat yourself to delightful snacks and beverages at the La Petite Treehouse Cafe

  • Book your Oli Oli tickets and see 45 fascinating exhibitions designed with a focus on knowledge and learning

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Must Know Before You Go
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).
  • We have shoe-free, sock-only zones. If you forget to bring yours, buy a pair at reception.
  • At OliOli kids sometimes get wet in the water gallery, so you might want to bring a towel and a change of clothes.
  • For families who need a spot to relax, a quiet room located on the first floor is there.
  • Baby changing stations are provided in the accessible bathroom and in the ladies’ restrooms.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of arrival.
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About Oli Oli Dubai

The Oli Oli playhouse is a creative learning centre in Dubai which takes pride in being curated especially for kids to help them in their cognitive and physical development. The playhouse is packed with a number of entertaining activities and games spread over 2 floors which consists of 8 galleries. It aims to provide the most wholesome and creative learning experience for children and toddlers.

All aspiring visitors can choose from a number of Oli Oli Dubai tickets variations available which are designed for the inclusion of toddlers, children and even adults into the creative world of learning.

The activities in the playhouse are designed to promote the philosophy of imaginative play, real learning and helping kids shed their inhibitions. The tickets would allow entry into 8 galleries of the playhouse. At the Air Gallery children learn about the science of functioning of air, Toshis’s net gives them a perfect spot to jump around. The future park makes imaginative drawings of kids turn real on the LED screens, they then set themselves ready for a car racing tournamnet and later get on the mission of fighting V.E.N.O.M's agents. Leave your toddlers in the dedicated section designed for them and later join them in their cheerful glee.

Best Way to Book Oli Oli Tickets Dubai

One of the best ways to buy Oli Oli Dubai tickets is to book them online with us. With the digitalization online booking service has been flourishing, as they provide various benefits. You can catch some amazing discounts and deals, while sitting in your comfort zone. This helps you plan your visit to Oli Oli Dubai in advance with comfort and convenience.

Advanced Booking
Advanced Booking

In order to enjoy at renowned attractions like Oli Oli at your convenient timings it’s highly preferable to reserve your slots through advance booking and enjoy the experience without any hassle or worries.


Online booking is always a convenient method due to the ease of process and instant confirmation of tickets. Visitors can plan their tour at desired timings to enhance their experience.

Go Early
Go Early

The playhouse opens early in the mornings at 09:00 AM except for saturdays. It’s advisable therefore to reserve your slots for early mornings when there is less crowd and your child gets to enjoy different sections at the playhouse at ease.

Galleries to Play At Oli Oli Dubai

Air Gallery
Air Gallery

At the gallery children are taught to build their own aeroplanes, rockets and hovercrafts while playing with different airways. They get an opportunity to experiment with planes and combat extreme high-speed winds at Hurricane Booth in order to learn about the science of air surrounding us.

Toshi's Net
Toshi's Net

On the colourful nets children have the fun of climbing and jumping over as they learn to assess risks. The nets are interwoven such that they have holes through which children pass from one level to the other. It improves their skills and they have fun at the same time.

Future Park
Future Park

It introduces the children to futuristic technology combined with the incredible imagination of children. The park has a gallery consisting of giant, wall to wall screens where children unleash the potential of their creativity of artworks. The massive LED screens would then bring their artwork to life. The excitement of children is a treat to watch while seeing their imagination taking a lifelike form.

Car & Ramps
Car & Ramps

It is that edutainment corner of the playhouse where children are introduced to the theories of mass and motion by letting them design and build their own cars. The whole activity takes a practical turn when the kids also create their own tracks, design obstacles and race with other model cars in the tracks they have created.


While setting balls in motion in 6 different exhibited pathways children observe gravity at work, explore laws of motion and experience kinetic energy. While learning about the science of motion they also inculcate personality skills of adjustment, collaboration, observatory skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

Mission Oli Oli
Mission Oli Oli

An imaginary adventure with different obstacles has been arranged to take children to a different world where they are set on individual or group missions. Once they would be playing the role of a secret agent, the other time they would face V.E.N.O.M’s agents and solve a variety of challenges across the galleries. In their last mission they would overcome the wobby traps set up by V.E.N.O.M’s agents.

Toddlers Gallery
Toddlers Gallery

The space has activities arranged which help toddlers develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. The active sensory plays put up at the gallery is an imperative for holistic development. Not only do parents get enough time to bond better with their toddlers but also allow the kids to practice their gross and fine motor skills.

Water Gallery
Water Gallery

At this most cherished spot of the playhouse children play a number of hands-on activities with water. While playing, toddlers also learn about the behaviour of water, such as vortices, buoyancy, density, gravity and so on. The varieties of activities at the gallery are dancing in rain, playing with a water vortex, firing a ball cannon and washing a real car. The activities would support children in their social skills, critical thinking and gross motor skills.

Know Before You Book Oli Oli Tickets Dubai Tickets

Oli Oli Dubai is an interactive children's museum in Dubai that offers a range of educational and entertaining experiences for children of all ages. .Dedicate a day to your kids by Planning a visit to Oli Oli and let them have fun and joy at interactive galleries. Also explore other places to visit near Oli Oli.

Where to Eat
Health & Safety Measures
Location & Best Time to Visit
Where to Eat
  • Oli Oli Dubai has a café housed within its premises where you can stop by for food and refreshments.
  • Has a simple and comfortable setting for parents and kids to take a break after a tiring day at the various activity zones
  • The café offers mouthwatering snacks along with a lot of healthy options that can be savored by kids and adults alike
  • You can enjoy your meal in a clean and comfortable ambience
  • There is a selection of vegetarian options on the menu as well including sandwiches, juices, wraps, etc.

Oli Oli Tickets Dubai FAQ's

What is special about the Oli Oli Museum?

    Oli Oli Dubai is a one-of-a-kind museum that is specially designed for kids to develop by engaging in interactive learning. It has several distinct zones that are created keeping in mind a child’s imaginative and creative powers that get further sharpened with the challenges posed in each of the galleries here.

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